Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Maybe I should ressurect this bitch?

It has been almost two years since I made a post. At the peak, there were 800-1000 viewers a day. My contempt for Dubai has not changed, and there are a million posts I wished I made. Vat to do? (bobble). Maybe I will get back in the action now that blogging seems to be such a hot topic these days.

So much to discuss... CSI, Douchebags of days-gone by. Shit. I could sit here for a week. At the request of a friend, I will likely go into travel blog mode, then revert to the Douchebaggery that is Dubai. Let's face it, it is still a shit hole. Fortunately, Dubai has become a bigger dump than it was years ago and there is so much blog fodder available.

Yours truly has lost it all and won it back in the past couple of years. The GFC and CSI were tough, but I soldiered on as promised.