Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just to prove it is me

Timestamp on this ad as it is getting a lot of traffic. BTW. Why 700 views on Dubizzle?

Don't ask questions. I'll tell you later. Things with CSI are heating up and so is my rent again!

Last ditch effort

The response has been crazy!

Last Ribs in Dubai

As you may know from a previous post, I am a fan of ribs. Love my baby-back, baby-back ribs!On of the benefits of Dubai is that not only can you get infidel juice, but also infidel meat. The government is good like that. Put up a sign that it is for non-Muslims, and infidel away! I have been craving the ribs at the Arabian Ranches golf course for two days now. When I read the news about no more pork this afternoon, I was concerned I would not be having my dinner. I managed to get there about 8:30 tonight hoping that they are far enough out in the sticks they wouldn't know that they were not allowed to sell pork anymore. I was right. As I put the last barren rip on the bone plate, the manager called a meeting to let staff know that pork was not available anymore effective immediately. Ah, sweet victory.

In case you haven't heard, we have a global financial crisis (I mean) recession (I mean) PANDEMIC! Get your freak on, people, it's Piggy Flu time!

Like the poor oinkers don't take a beating enough in this country, as of now all pork for sale or consumption is banned. No more ribs. Bugger. Seems the flu is the victim of an unfortunate name, seeing as you cant get it from consumption, but rather person-to-person transmission. They didn't ban poultry during the bird flu outbreak. Will we get pork back when this is over? Guess we'll see.

Seeing as fellow blogger,Seabee already spoke my opinion for me, I suggest you check out the story HERE. I 100% agree with what is said there.

What scares the shit out of me is that the W.H.O. said that increased personal hygiene would stave off infection. Hygiene. Really. You can tell by the vapours in the air already that hygiene is not high on the agenda of many in these parts. Besides that, there is air-kissing and hand-holding like nobody's business. I think we're going down.

Roll clip of "28 Days Later"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nothing to do with Dubai

Time for another gem from the Interwebz. Nothing to do with Dubai, just impressed with people's skills and amount of free time! The guys in this vid use the same effect as Akon and T-pain (and Cher). Funny stuff.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Dubai Extension Cord

I love this. I spend money on quality equipment..ladders, tools, various supplies. In my line of work, I do it right and get it done. What amazes me is the fact that there are other contractors that will spend hours making something like a haphazard extension cord for power, rather than drop 50 AED on a proper one. What the hell is wrong with these guys? Here are some shots from a current job I am doing on the Palm Jumeira. Judging by the buggies in the driveway, would you think the client cuts corners? BTW, it is a young married couple that hired me. Good thing they got the X5/X7 in black AND white. What you can't see is the slickest 911 in town in the garage. My buggy is not in the frame, sadly. Can you spot any issues?

"Hey, I'm loaded and have more cars than I need"

"Hey, I can't spring for a real extension cord and do this stupid shit."

"I'm a total retard and put home made extension cord IN the pool."

"yup, confirmed, we ARE running the power directly through the pool."

Monday, April 20, 2009

Only MIke has a Comment?

I'm a little surprised. I know I said it before, but this time I am TRULY surprised. Two articles down, I offered to open up Pandora's Box, based on your responses. A couple of hundred people viewed the post, but only "Mike" commented. What gives. A simple yes/no would do.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dubai Darwinism

My goodness. Does this really get printed in the paper? Are there people THAT retarded? What is this world coming to?

1)How stupid do you need to be to "back into a boiling pot"?
2)Was this pot at floor level?
3)If people were charged with this man' death, god help us all! (god purposely lower case)
4)Disassociate yourself with anyone you consider mentally inferior to you THEY ARE A LIABILITY!

Here's the link
Here's the story for you lazy bastards:

Cleaner dies after falling into boiling pan while mopping floor

By Bassam Za'za', Senior Reporter
Published: April 15, 2009, 23:07

Dubai: Three workers have denied liability for the accidental death of a cleaner who fell in a hot pan - that contained tamarind sauce - while mopping the kitchen floor of a catering company.

Records showed the Indian cleaner was mopping the kitchen floor when he accidentally fell in to the boiling pan and incurred 40 per cent body burns.

Rashid Hospital's medical report confirmed that the victim, S.M., succumbed to his burns after 17 days. The Public Prosecution charged the three Indian workers, 52-year-old S.A. and 21-year-old N.C., assistant cooks and 45-year-old baker, D.N., with accidentally causing their compatriot's death.

The defendants denied their charges and pleaded not guilty when they appeared before the Dubai Misdemeanour Court yesterday.

The suspect argued before the judge that lack of attention on the part of the deceased led to his death.

According to police records, the victim was mopping the floor at the catering company's building in Jebel Ali.

Initial investigations revealed that S.M. walked backwards while cleaning the floor when he tumbled and fell in the tamarind sauce.

The suspects said they saw him screaming loudly in pain before he stood up again. The defendants rushed the victim to hospital where doctors said he sustained 40 per cent average burns. He succumbed to his injuries after 17 days.

Police's primary investigations revealed that S.A. ordered the other defendants to take the pan out of the oven and put it in the kitchen.

The police officer who conducted the investigations claimed that N.C. and D.N. failed to cover the pan. The trio were reportedly held liable for S.M.'s death and forwarded to court. The judge adjourned the case until the defendants submit their defence.

Don't get me wrong. I feel bad for the dude and his family et al. But Jesus, help us.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Using the Power of Internet for Evil

So here's a question. I have no idea of the legality of it, but....

It's no secret that my ex-good-for-nothing company whom I lovingly refer to as CSI jerked me off many months back. Long story short, I have not been paid a fil in seven months. No severance, no monies owing, nothing. It adds up to quite a tidy sum and I want and need it. Repeated meetings and discussions have gone nowhere, and it is beyond silly now.

As fellow blogger Naseem pointed out to me, search rankings in Google are easily achieved via Blogspot and other methods. Now, this blog was never meant to achieve any status or recognition, but it seems there is a decent readership these days. And yes, I know I need to step up and post more articles.

Here's where we can have some fun. I am wondering about a "Name and Shame" post for CSI. If the article were named correctly and submitted to the search engines accordingly, I can guarantee you that my post would surpass the company's own search rankings. Their dirty laundry would be aired for all the customers to see. Considering, for such a sizable company, their web savvy is piss poor, it would not be hard to get a tell-all post to the top of the rankings. It is difficult to find their site even if you are looking for it. How would that be for them to have potential and current clients reading how they treat their people?

My sole motivation would be to get results, as in PAID. Up till now I have never mentioned their name nor muddied their reputation in any way. What do you think? Illegal/legal? Should I do it or not?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Selling a car in Dubai

Caller/loser: "Hello sir/ma'am, in light of today's current economic downturn, I know you have your car listed for 24,000 AED, but I vood like to offer you you 12,000 AED........"

Me: "Huh?"

Looser: "Vell, you know der is a global financial crisis and prices are being cut"

Me: "yeah, and so...."

Looser: "Vell, I would like to offer you fair market value"

Me: "My car is the best value of it's kind for sale, it is realistically priced, check it out"

Lowlife: "Ve have, and 12k is out last price offer"

ME: "that's great, thanks for wasting my time and I hope you burn in hell, get bent"

Twat: "getting what?"


Shit-tard: "Ve thought ve could help you in this time to raise some money"

Me:"I don't recall writing 'desperate' in the ad. The car is for sale, 24,000AED, not a fil less. And how can you make an offer without seeing it or driving it?"

Bobbler: "Ve just look at the ads and make a guess"

Me: "Guess again, asshole"

What is wrong with these guys? I have never in my life looked at a used car ad in the paper or online and thought "I like that, I will call at random and offer half, never seeing it, driving it or knowing why they are asking the price they are". In Canada, you would be laughed off the street, and no one would ever dream of offering something so embarrasing. Why is it so here? Is it the bargaining mentality? Fair enough, but have a goddamn reason, not just an arbitrary figure in your head or think you "know how it works".

'cause you're wrong, cuz! I have for sale a very nice BMW Z3. Low miles, great paint, great condition and all service records. The price is listed as 24,000AED, not 48,000AED hoping to get half. 24k. That's the price. 12k? Wha? No, 24k. For 12k I would honestly destroy the car in front of potential buyers. I would take donations, call all potential ass-hat buyers together then proceed to get Medeival on the car and smash it to bits.

I hate you, car buyer. That is why I put my email on the ad, not my number, hoping to pre-screen you assholes. Sorry if I am abrasive on the phone, but I am over your shit!

end rant


2 nice gentlemen came to view the car. One Spanish fellow, one Brit. Both said they had done their research and felt that the car was worth the asking price. BOTH offered full price, and are in a bidding war with each other. Looks like there are some normal people in this city that know a deal when they get it and don't push their luck. The new owner gets his new buggy Saturday. Good news.

Now I don't want to sell it (of course).