Saturday, April 18, 2009

Using the Power of Internet for Evil

So here's a question. I have no idea of the legality of it, but....

It's no secret that my ex-good-for-nothing company whom I lovingly refer to as CSI jerked me off many months back. Long story short, I have not been paid a fil in seven months. No severance, no monies owing, nothing. It adds up to quite a tidy sum and I want and need it. Repeated meetings and discussions have gone nowhere, and it is beyond silly now.

As fellow blogger Naseem pointed out to me, search rankings in Google are easily achieved via Blogspot and other methods. Now, this blog was never meant to achieve any status or recognition, but it seems there is a decent readership these days. And yes, I know I need to step up and post more articles.

Here's where we can have some fun. I am wondering about a "Name and Shame" post for CSI. If the article were named correctly and submitted to the search engines accordingly, I can guarantee you that my post would surpass the company's own search rankings. Their dirty laundry would be aired for all the customers to see. Considering, for such a sizable company, their web savvy is piss poor, it would not be hard to get a tell-all post to the top of the rankings. It is difficult to find their site even if you are looking for it. How would that be for them to have potential and current clients reading how they treat their people?

My sole motivation would be to get results, as in PAID. Up till now I have never mentioned their name nor muddied their reputation in any way. What do you think? Illegal/legal? Should I do it or not?


Mike said...

If all the information you release is factual, and you aren't under an NDA or contract that specifically prohibits whistleblowing then I say do it.

Of course if there are NDA's etc. you can bet the authorities will suddenly start acting like they know what they are doing...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mike, it would be safer if you were outside the country when you did this...

Anonymous said...

hey guys. even if there is no NDA , the federal labour law does specify, that any information about a company, its policies, its procedures , departments, IP (patents etc.) that has come to someone due to the fact that he was employed to the company shall not be disclosed by the employe to any third party. this should be a clause in your contract as well. even if it is not, is is valid and executable law. have fun ... love ur blog !

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi RC, I was away on vacation and its nice to read ur blog again :)

I suggest you nail CSI as a customer/client point of view not employee/associate point of view who used their services and write about their negative points.

Don't lie... just write about their products/services... There is no perfect product without and flaws...

You can praise a competitor too :p

This way I think you didn't break any law by reviewing CSI as a customer :D

Good luck with it ;)

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