Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dubai Darwinism

My goodness. Does this really get printed in the paper? Are there people THAT retarded? What is this world coming to?

1)How stupid do you need to be to "back into a boiling pot"?
2)Was this pot at floor level?
3)If people were charged with this man' death, god help us all! (god purposely lower case)
4)Disassociate yourself with anyone you consider mentally inferior to you THEY ARE A LIABILITY!

Here's the link
Here's the story for you lazy bastards:

Cleaner dies after falling into boiling pan while mopping floor

By Bassam Za'za', Senior Reporter
Published: April 15, 2009, 23:07

Dubai: Three workers have denied liability for the accidental death of a cleaner who fell in a hot pan - that contained tamarind sauce - while mopping the kitchen floor of a catering company.

Records showed the Indian cleaner was mopping the kitchen floor when he accidentally fell in to the boiling pan and incurred 40 per cent body burns.

Rashid Hospital's medical report confirmed that the victim, S.M., succumbed to his burns after 17 days. The Public Prosecution charged the three Indian workers, 52-year-old S.A. and 21-year-old N.C., assistant cooks and 45-year-old baker, D.N., with accidentally causing their compatriot's death.

The defendants denied their charges and pleaded not guilty when they appeared before the Dubai Misdemeanour Court yesterday.

The suspect argued before the judge that lack of attention on the part of the deceased led to his death.

According to police records, the victim was mopping the floor at the catering company's building in Jebel Ali.

Initial investigations revealed that S.M. walked backwards while cleaning the floor when he tumbled and fell in the tamarind sauce.

The suspects said they saw him screaming loudly in pain before he stood up again. The defendants rushed the victim to hospital where doctors said he sustained 40 per cent average burns. He succumbed to his injuries after 17 days.

Police's primary investigations revealed that S.A. ordered the other defendants to take the pan out of the oven and put it in the kitchen.

The police officer who conducted the investigations claimed that N.C. and D.N. failed to cover the pan. The trio were reportedly held liable for S.M.'s death and forwarded to court. The judge adjourned the case until the defendants submit their defence.

Don't get me wrong. I feel bad for the dude and his family et al. But Jesus, help us.

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