Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last Ribs in Dubai

As you may know from a previous post, I am a fan of ribs. Love my baby-back, baby-back ribs!On of the benefits of Dubai is that not only can you get infidel juice, but also infidel meat. The government is good like that. Put up a sign that it is for non-Muslims, and infidel away! I have been craving the ribs at the Arabian Ranches golf course for two days now. When I read the news about no more pork this afternoon, I was concerned I would not be having my dinner. I managed to get there about 8:30 tonight hoping that they are far enough out in the sticks they wouldn't know that they were not allowed to sell pork anymore. I was right. As I put the last barren rip on the bone plate, the manager called a meeting to let staff know that pork was not available anymore effective immediately. Ah, sweet victory.

In case you haven't heard, we have a global financial crisis (I mean) recession (I mean) PANDEMIC! Get your freak on, people, it's Piggy Flu time!

Like the poor oinkers don't take a beating enough in this country, as of now all pork for sale or consumption is banned. No more ribs. Bugger. Seems the flu is the victim of an unfortunate name, seeing as you cant get it from consumption, but rather person-to-person transmission. They didn't ban poultry during the bird flu outbreak. Will we get pork back when this is over? Guess we'll see.

Seeing as fellow blogger,Seabee already spoke my opinion for me, I suggest you check out the story HERE. I 100% agree with what is said there.

What scares the shit out of me is that the W.H.O. said that increased personal hygiene would stave off infection. Hygiene. Really. You can tell by the vapours in the air already that hygiene is not high on the agenda of many in these parts. Besides that, there is air-kissing and hand-holding like nobody's business. I think we're going down.

Roll clip of "28 Days Later"


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