Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Asshole of the Week

I think I will comment on a situation where a person I deem worthy has garnered the title "Asshole of the Week". Like sxephil ( http://www.youtube.com/sxephil )has his "douchebag of the day"...same idea. I'll try to keep it on a local/ U.A.E level. So the inaugural AOTW is this prick:

Buddy here decided he needed to park in this fashion on my street. I live in Arabian Ranches here in Dubai...a very mixed group of westerners, Indians and the occasional Arab or "local". What we have here is one of my lovely neighbours. Sources and research tell me that he is a well-to-do royal from Ras al Khaimah. With the information provided and a quick police search tells me Sheik Range Rover is a menance to society. This tool not only parks like this on the local street, he also has fines outstanding for parking in handicapped spaces, AMBULANCE spaces, multiple convictions for parking in front of hydrants AND three fines for running a red light. Funny enough, not one speeding infraction! Will dickwad 5000 pay those fines? Never. Will his vehicle be impounded as it is supposed to (and clearly obvious for all to see on the Dubai Police website)? Most likely not.

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome :D

I will probably flat out his car and run