Thursday, January 22, 2009

"YES" is such a viscious word

In response to my fellow Blogger, Naseem's post regarding "no" being a simple word. I would like to expand on that. Only in Dubai is the answer "yes"...followed by a head bobble make you disappointed. It means "yeah, I don't know what you said, what you want, or when you want it, but I will say YES and I can do it TOMORROW." Get fucked. I think the mathematical quotient for figuring out delivery (and I'm not kidding) is essentially x 10. Tomorrow= 10 days from now. YES= I am 1/10th sure.

These guys are a joke. Just tell me the truth. YES or bloody NO. I can take it.

When I ask if something can get done and I am told "yes" and I can have it "tomorrow", I want to punch the guy in the head. Don't lie to me, MoFo. I ordered a coffee yesterday that won't be ready till next week, how are you going to do "X" tomorrow.

Don't tell me you are doing something "presently". I am a big boy, I can take it. If you can't do it, just let me know. It's cool. It's called "under promise, over-deliver". I am currently working on a project on the Palm Jumeirah. I am doing my thing, and there is a contractor building a wooden deck around the pool area.

Back in Canada, we call a couple of buddies, buy a case of beer and bang out a deck in a weekend. These guys (local contractors) started building this deck December is still not done. Un-be-effing-leivable. Just shocking. You could find drunken loggers in a bar back home and they would bang this thing out in a weekend.

Did I mention handover of the villa was September 15th? (we're a little behind). Bottom line. No means no, and stick to it. If my head bobbles, punch me in the face (please).

Have a look at my motivation for this article:
Naseem Saadeddine: "No" is such a simple word.


Anonymous said...

Inshallah Bokra :D

KK said...

In this country you should run after people to do their job... those locals who keep saying inshala and you never hear from them again!!!! when I hear this I don't even count in the 10X equation!!! I just find someone else who can deliver his promise.

Reality Check said...

Cheers guys

hemlock said...

lol @ assholes of the week! hahah.